Monday, April 16, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt! :)

Disclaimer: Don't let the title fool you, this entry is NOT about hunting animals (all though this author/photographer LOVES deer sausage).

This is all about the great online hunt that encourages people to use their GPS devices and smartphones with GPS technology to get off their couches, out of their houses, and explore new areas...


Since the main purpose of our project is to encourage people to "Explore Union" - this seemed like a logical topic to blog about.

It's pretty simple, go to to learn more and create an account. Download the app to your device, in my case my iPhone, for a modest $10 or less, and start exploring. Just know that you need to have a healthy sense of adventure, and be respectful of the caches and the land they are located on.

You are using the GPS to help you, along with different clues and hints about the caches you are seeking... some will be as small as a quarter and others as large as a coffee can or ammo box.

It's amazing to see all the signatures and where people are from who are out geocaching. My daughter was in awe of this signature and wished we'd been just a few days sooner so she could have met him. :)

Above all else, it's a great way to bond (and fairly inexpensive) with friends and family. For example, on Saturday my daughter and I were greatly frustrated when we couldn't find a cache right here in Union that we were clearly inches away from according to my iPhone. We got another hint (thank you to the cache owner who responded to our post about it!) and tried again on Sunday after church. It was my daughter, not me, who spotted it and was squealing with delight when she was able to locate it. This photograph says it all...

Author/Photographer: Michelle Anne of MK Designs
Sources: Personal experience and

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